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Vollrath’s Contoured Buffet Stations

By Matt Kurnick

The new Contoured Buffet Stations from Vollrath are a great alternative to traditional chafers for serving hot food on buffets.


VolConBufStatThese buffet stations come in three different styles to customize presentation for the product and operation. The three styles include a wire grill top, a griddle pan top and induction hot plate. In addition to these three styles, the aluminum and chrome-plated steel bases come in three different finishes; brown, black and natural. Both the wire grill top and griddle pan come in two sizes. The small size is 16”x16” and the larger size is 21”x16”. With this many combinations of size, style and color, the Contoured Buffet Stations can escalate the presentation of any buffet. See right for the available combinations.

PRO_BuffetStations_gl_01_2013-01-15Heating sources for the Contoured Buffet Stations are flexible as well. These units are compatible with gel fuel.  The Vollrath electric chafer heater also works well with the griddle pan buffet station and eliminates the danger of an open flame.  The NSF approved griddle pans are also induction-ready.

As a modern, stylish take on the traditional option for serving hot food on buffets, the new Vollrath Contoured Buffet Station can take any buffet to the next level while maintaining food quality.