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Vollrath Food Delivery Solutions

By Carla Landi


When it comes to food delivery and catering applications, Vollrath goes the extra mile.  They have a new and complete line of food delivery boxes, carriers, bags, and accessories to help operators deliver food with the same heat and quality control as being transported from the kitchen to the dining room.  They have thought of everything when it comes to running a successful food delivery operation, including branding options, zip out liners, extended delivery radius, durability, and more.


With the busy season for food delivery and catering approaching, it’s a good time to make sure you’re prepared.  Food delivery is already hot right now, but as the weather chills and the holidays bring in more catering requests, be sure that you’re able to enjoy the benefits of the season without the stress of delivery.


Watch the video for a closer look at the food delivery solutions available from Vollrath.