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Vollrath Conveyor Toasters

By Lee Davis, CFSP


The Vollrath Company has just introduced a completely new line of Conveyor Toasters. What is notable is that they are neither new nor untested. They are the same high quality, energy efficient, commercial grade conveyor toasters made in the U.S.A. by Belleco, a long time leader in this category.


Vollrath purchased Belleco in 2017, but the only thing they’re changing is the name plate on the front of each unit. Where it once said “Belleco,” it will now say “Vollrath,” and with it will come all the great factory support and customer service that you can expect with a Vollrath branded product.


The line will still feature a broad range of options and price points. Select a unit with enough clearance to handle toast, bagels or buns. For lower volume operations, self service, or to replace a pop-up unit, look at the 120V-CT2. It produces 350 slices per hour. Feeding an army? Look at the 240V-CT4. It cranks out an astonishing 2000 slices per hour. There are variations for every type of electrical service, every production capacity, and every price point in between.


Vollrath conveyor toasters feature standard high efficiency quartz tubes, a standby mode that reduces energy use by 75%, and an automatic cool down fan. A stainless steel corrosion resistant drive chain never needs lubrication. Top and bottom heating options are available with a variety of control configurations to suit your needs and maximize versatility. All units feature higher temperature wiring and components than you’d can expect to find on a competing brand. This ensures longer life and uninterrupted operation.


A variety of other conveyor oven and heating equipment, now manufactured by Vollrath, is also available. Check out their website at