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Victory Ultraspec Series – A Showcase Product Line

By Lee Davis

There’s a popular restaurant in my town that features what I’d call fine southern cuisine. What’s fun about eating there is that you have a full view of the kitchen from nearly any table. The place has been there a long while. The kitchen resembles a museum of antique restaurant equipment with brands I no longer recognize and nameplates that have long since fallen off or become illegible. The cooks keep everything clean, and with good food being served, nobody complains about the worn-out appearance of the kitchen equipment. It simply adds to the charm and ambiance of the place.

Mitch Cohen is the Vice President of Sales for Victory Refrigeration Inc. During one of his recent training sessions he explained: “The open kitchen is a popular trend in restaurant design. There is a novelty to watching the Chef prepare your dinner. It makes the experience more personal.” However, Mitch wasn’t envisioning the old country kitchen in my town. He was talking about newer establishments that are designed and built with the intention of showcasing their kitchens. “They want their back-of-the-house equipment to have a front-of-the-house look with a more sleek residential appearance,” said Mitch.

With that idea in mind, Victory designed the new Ultraspec Series of reach-in refrigerators. They feature stainless steel doors, door liners, legs and case fronts. The stainless steel surfaces and beveled edges look clean, modern and professional. They also minimize the appearance of scratches and wear. The vertical door handles are guaranteed for life. LIFE!

Notable in the top center of these sharp looking units is the V-TECH Electronic Controller with LED readout and smooth-touch controls. It provides some of the best features and tools for ensuring food quality and safety while maximizing performance. Check out Victory Refrigeration on YouTube, or click here for the Ultraspec Brochure to learn more about the following:

  • Supercool mode, which quickly returns the unit to safe temperature after loading
  • Energy savings mode for when the kitchen is not in use
  • HACCP event memory that records critical temperature events and alarms
  • Flextemp mode that lets you set unique temperatures for specific applications
  • Optional USB Data Recorder for recording up to 1 year of HAACP data
  • One touch manual defrost
  • Quick change temperature set points
  • MODBUS Communications Protocol Compliancy
  • “Clean condenser” alarm and maintenance LED indicator

Additionally, the Ultraspec line includes several great features, some of which include:

  • Flip-up front grill to facilitate condenser coil cleaning and maintenance
  • “Door ajar” LED/alarm
  • Fan speed that adjusts when the door is open to reduce ambient air infiltration
  • High security door lock hardware
  • Door perimeter heaters that prevent condensation

The Ultraspec Series is Victory’s latest heavy-duty, institutional-grade refrigeration unit with a great design. It will not only function reliably, with great performance and food safety features, it will look great in any venue where the kitchen is on display.

Are there any open kitchen venues in your hometown? How does the view of the kitchen affect your dining experience? What features would you like to see designed into a reach-in? Let us know in the space provided below.