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Victorinox Knives Make the Cut

by Carla Landi

The Chef Knife, the key ingredient. Foodservice professionals know the secret of a successful kitchen is perfectly sharpened knives. Every great chef knows a quality chef knife is a crucial tool of the trade. A chef knife will not make the cut unless it best fits the chef’s personal style, preference, and intended purpose.


Chefs have the choice between different sizes, designs, and types. They are as versatile as daily tasks and personal preferences in the kitchen. 

Victorinox Collection of Knives

Universal knives: Slicing, chopping, mincing, forming, flattening—Victorinox chef’s knives are indispensable all-rounders with many talents. No matter which knife you select, each one has their very own strength. The different blades make the difference; however, they all convince through their performance. They are reliable and will be there for you every time.


Extremely high quality: Victorinox Grand Maître line of chef’s knives are made from a single piece of steel, which is connected to the handle using solid rivets. They offer a blade that’s extra wide and straight. Combined with the handle, they create excellent leverage, and the needed force is reduced to a minimum.


Delicate master class: The Victorinox Santoku knife is inspired by the Far East cuisine and is used there also for preparing sushi and sashimi. The specially formed blade allows for extremely fine and precise cuts. The dimples on the side create little air pockets during cutting, which prevent wet and extremely fine slices from sticking to the blade. The accuracy of Asian chef’s knives make them ideal for meat and cheese, cucumbers, and zucchinis.


Professional eccentric: The form of the Victorinox Chinese chef’s knife is reminiscent of a kitchen cleaver. However, it does more than just deboning meat. The wide blade and the very narrow, smooth cutter are extremely versatile and easily go through meat, game and poultry, vegetables, herbs, and fruits.


The Victorinox team of professional chefs, experienced butchers, and trained cutlers bring all their experience together to bring extensive knowledge of stainless steel and its properties to make sure that they create kitchen knives with sharp blades and comfortable handles, helping you make the perfect cut.


The Victorinox knife experts are always ready to share their knowledge with you. Check out the videos to help hone in on cutting skills, techniques, and tricks for specific applications. 

Cutting Pineapple

Cutting Tomatoes



The Rock Chop

Sharpen Your Knives

It goes without saying, keeping knives sharp is key. Victorinox shows you how to sharpen and hone your kitchen knife to perfection.

It’s been a challenging year for foodservice professionals. You deserve to have the best of the best in your kitchen toolbox. Let’s get ready for a new and prosperous year ahead.