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Victorinox Epicurean Sheet Pan Boards

By Carla Landi


Check out the new Epicurean sheet pan composite boards from Victorinox.  They offer the best of both wood and plastic in one functional surface.  They won’t crack, split, or stain—making it a perfect material for cutting boards. These food prep boards are easy on knives, and won’t harbor bacteria.


Upgrading your kitchen with these boards allows busy foodservice professionals to do prep work in all areas of the kitchen, property, and truck without fear of contamination, and juice and liquid run off. They are designed to fit perfectly into half, three-quar­ter, and full-size sheet pans.


Built to keep up with the busiest operations. These boards are 3/8” thick, heat resistant to 350°F, dishwasher safe, NSF certified, dual-sided, non-porous, and maintenance free.  They can take abuse and then be popped into the dishwasher or sink for easy cleaning. Foodservice pros are going to love having these in their busy kitchens.


Watch the video for a closer look at the features and benefits of Epicurean.