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T&S Brass – Replacing Your Pre-rinse with a Hose Reel

By Lee Davis

Let’s face it. Hose reels are not glamorous. If you’ve got one, you probably haven’t thought about it recently. If you don’t have one, you probably never thought about getting one.

“That’s the reality of it” said Linda Seigler, National Sales Manager for T&S Brass, makers of high quality plumbing faucets and accessories.. “They rarely get specified (by the people who design restaurant kitchens), but they make great aftermarket add-ons.”

It’s nice to have access to hot and cold water wherever you need it in a kitchen, but Linda told me about one application that has become increasingly popular. If you’ve ever been in a commercial kitchen, you’ve seen the standard pre-rinse sprayer, hanging from a relatively short hose just above the loading table of the dishwashing unit. It’s used to manually rinse off dirty dishes and glassware before loading them into the dish machine.

Have you ever seen employees try to stretch that pre-rinse hose out farther than it’s designed to go? They try to stretch it to rinse out the interior of the dishwasher when cleaning. They try to stretch it far enough to rinse soap and spills off the unloading table at the other end of the dishwasher.  They even stretch it to rinse down walls and floors. “That is where a hose reel can be used as a pre-rinse unit and really add flexibility,” Linda says.

With a hose reel, you can extend the reach of a standard pre-rinse unit to 15, 35, even 50 feet. Use it to fill buckets without lifting them off the floor. Use is to fill steam tables. Use it to rinse down other sinks, worktables and floors during clean up. You can even get a pivot bracket so the reel folds flat against the wall when not in use.

Although the closed reel design (see far right) has its applications, Linda likes the open hub design for ease of cleaning. “The closed reels tend to get dirtier. The hose recoils and drags dirt and food debris up into the reel housing,” she said. With an open hub design (on near right) you can keep the hose and drum cleaner.

Linda demonstrated a T&S Brass model B-7132-01. It is an open hub hose reel that features smooth rolled edges that add strength to the drum, preventing the hose from chaffing and protecting employees from cuts. It has eight locking positions per rotation so you can pull the hose out as far as you need to. With a slight tug, it retracts automatically. It boasts a stainless steel shaft through the center for strength and durability, along with redundant o-rings to slow down failure due to wear. It comes with a standard spray nozzle and mounting bracket ready to install.

For more information about T&S Brass hose reels, including installation instructions, service tips, and accessory spray nozzles, watch this video below.  For details and spec sheets, go to

Clearly there are several different needs for the T&S hose reel. Do you have one we didn’t come up with? Do you have any experience washing dishes in a commercial kitchen? Oh yeah, and then there’s this video clip … a great use of the pre-rinse unit during employee send offs.