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True Mfg. Display Merchandisers – Truly New

By Lee Davis, CFSP


True Manufacturing has been a leader and innovator in commercial refrigeration solutions for generations. Their latest offering, the TDM Series (True Display Merchandiser) features European design, enhanced performance and energy efficiency. Set up for refrigerated, dry case, dual zone, or chocolate/wine applications, it comes in sizes ranging from 36” to 77” long. It also employs a special forced air refrigeration design that minimizes condensation on its curved glass front. The cabinets come in black, white, stainless, custom laminate, Deco, or Powder Coating, with many different shelving options. Engineered with R290 natural refrigerant, these units boast energy efficiencies that beat federal efficiency standards by several years…and they’re built in the U.S.A.

For more on the Truly New TDM series, watch the video below.

For additional background on True Manufacturing, watch this video.

TDM Series (True Display Merchandiser)