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Traulsen Blast Chillers: It Couldn’t Be Easier

“It couldn’t be easier.” That was NOT the impression I got when I was introduced to my first blast chiller years ago. I was new to the industry and attended a heavy-equipment training event. I learned quite a bit in two days, and I came away thinking that blast chillers were a great way to enhance food safety and meet HACCP requirements, but were more than a little complicated to use. I envisioned chefs and kitchen managers spending a lot of time teaching staff and new employees how to use one.

Thanks to Traulsen, that’s no longer my impression of blast chillers. Last week, John Davis, Marketing Director for Traulsen, introduced me to the latest in blast chillers. It features the new Epicon Visual Interface. In the “Probe Chill” mode, you don’t need to push any buttons or program a thing. You just put the food pans in the blast chiller, insert the probe in the food and walk away. That’s it. The unit automatically launches the chill cycle and lowers the temperature of the food to a factory default setting of 37° (or to a manager-specified preset).

Requiring only slightly more effort and instruction is the Auto Menu mode. Once batch information for an individual item has been saved, anyone can recall it by name, such as “Lasagna” or “Glazed Carrots,” and the blast chiller will do the rest. You get consistent chilling every time, no matter who handles the batch. Of course the Epicon Visual Interface also allows for manual programming with remarkably simple controls and a host of advanced features and options.

In any mode, the Epicon Visual Interface also gives you the option of four chill settings that can be selected with the push of a button. There is the standard setting, an accelerated setting that cuts chill time by 10%, an energy saving setting that cuts electricity use by 10% and a delicate setting for items such as salad or sandwiches with lettuce. There is also an on-board printer to meet your HACCP recording requirements and a USB port for loading HACCP data and product updates. With all of these, and other features such as the self-closing/stay-open doors and an automatic hold mode following each cycle, the new line of Traulsen blast chillers just couldn’t be easier to use.

Click here for spec sheets and more information about Traulsen blast chillers.

Have you ever been intimidated by a blast chiller? Ever try to program one and make a memorable error? Tell us about your blast chiller adventures.