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Toast the Perfect Bagel with Star

Growing up, Saturday mornings meant cartoons and breakfast with the family.

And the best breakfasts were always highlighted by a perfectly toasted bagel topped with a layer of cool cream cheese, a couple slices of fresh onion and tomato, finished with a few slices of smoked salmon. Talk about the breakfast of champions …

For the meal to be just right though, the bagel is the most important part, and more specifically how well the bagel is toasted. If it’s not toasted enough it might be chewy or too flimsy to hold all the necessary delicious toppings. If it’s toasted too much you can get that terrible scratched feeling on the inside of your mouth, and nobody likes the taste of burnt bread. So getting the bagel right is vital.

iToasterStar/Holman’s new ICS3E-1600B Impingement/Radiant Conveyor Toaster is the latest in bagel toasting technology to get that perfect toast consistently and in less time.

ICS Toaster impingement airflow and infrared elements reduce toast time up to 50%, toasting up to 1,600 bagel halves in an hour. It includes a fully programmable electronic control providing six menu selections with separate conveyor speed and heating element settings. The programmable Power Saver reduces energy consumption by up to 90%. The ICS Toaster features a safe load up area with full width front burn guard and cool-to-the-touch exterior. It’s all covered by Star’s comprehensive one-year warranty and 24/7 technical support by Star technicians. For information please go to

The ICS Toaster is in production now and is scheduled for release in late September.