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The Vulcan ABC Combi

By Carla Landi


There’s no doubt, the Vulcan ABC Combi looks awesome and powerful. It looks like it could really bring an operation to the next level and would be fun to fire up, if you knew how to get started.


How much time would it take to get everyone in the kitchen up to speed on this piece of equipment? Would operators in a busy operation have the time to learn to use it to its fullest potential and get the desired results? Well, I’m pleased to say, the answers are… just a few minutes and yes!


Vulcan knows the concerns of busy foodservice professionals and took them into consideration when building the ABC Combi. If you haven’t considered adding this combi oven steamer to your kitchen yet, you may want to take another look at it. The confusion sometimes found with combination cooking has been eliminated from this Combi. When you set the temperature and time, the humidity automatically adjusts to the perfect setting. For chefs that may want to adjust the humidity further, that’s an option too. You will love how perfectly cooked your menu items come out. Foodservice professionals are achieving consistent, even results with every batch without having to rotate the pans during cooking. The timer recall feature lets busy operators move quickly in a batch cooking application.


Watch the video and find out how this could be a real game-changer for your foodservice operation.