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The Unique MultiTherm Line from Gessner

It happens in residential kitchens all the time.

Lasagna gets prepped in a baking dish and then frozen to bake and serve later. At home it’s okay to take the baking dish out of the freezer and put it straight into the oven. Then once it’s fully baked, you can put the whole lasagna on the table and people can serve themselves.

As you well know, this can’t really happen in commercial kitchens. And up until now, operators would at minimum need different dishes to bake the lasagna and then serve it.

MultiThermLogoWith the introduction of Gessner’s new MultiTherm dinnerware, that’s no longer the case. The break-resistant MultiTherm line is okay to use in almost every phase of foodservice. It’s oven safe up to 400°F, freezer safe, MultiThermLinemicrowaveable and retherm oven safe.  Potentially it can be the only dish an end user needs to take a particular product from preparation in the back of the house to serving at the dinner table. The only times it’s not safe to use are on a range top and under a broiler.

This new addition to Gessner’s plasticware line is made from a proprietary material that is stain resistant and dishwasher safe. Ultimately, it will help end users save time and money on two different fronts.

The first is that using MultiTherm dinnerware simply requires the use of fewer dishes. One MultiTherm dish can replace the need for separate dishes during storage, cooking and serving. Fewer dishes used means fewer dishes washed. It also means fewer dishes required in the kitchen and fewer dishes to replace.

The second is that rather than prepping, cooking and serving in different dishes, doing all three in the same dish allows for better portion control and less food waste. Being able to prep a dish in the plate in which it’s going to be served makes it easy for kitchen staff to ensure each serving is the same size.  Prepping individual servings also reduces waste. A dish that’s prepped on the same plate that it’s stored in doesn’t need to be thawed or cooked until it’s definitely going to be served. Less food waste and better portion control are great ways for end users to save money.

The MultiTherm line from Gessner currently includes an 8 oz. oval dish, an 8 oz. shirred egg and a tortilla server base with lid. For more information on MultiTherm, click here.