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Comfort – The Mundial Edge

By Lee Davis, CFSP


The other day, I attended a training webinar hosted by Lou Rountree (Vice President) and Steve Jordan (National Sales Manager) of Mundial, manufacturers of fine cutlery and chef’s tools. They reviewed Mundial’s many lines of NSF approved commercial quality kitchen knives, spreaders, turners and more. I asked Lou why customers choose Mundial.


I’ve known many chefs who choose a knife because of where it’s made. Historically, due to their reputation for fine craftsmanship, German knives have always had a big following. The Mundial factory is not in Germany. It is in Porto Alegre, Brazil, but the factory was founded by German knife makers who brought German skills, techniques and technology to Brazil in the last century. Lou gave us a factory tour via candid photographs. Not only was the factory exceedingly clean, but you could see the pride of craftsmanship in the faces of the workers as they first forged or stamped, and then ground, sharpened, polished and honed each knife. A quality control staff oversees all production.


I’ve also known chefs who are focused on the type of steel used in knife making. Numbers such as 440, ATS-43 and 1055 abound and sometimes confuse. Lou explained that virtually all modern kitchen cutlery is made with high carbon stainless steel. Stainless steel is used for hardness and to resist corrosion and rust. High carbon content makes steel easier to sharpen and helps it hold an edge longer. Mundial employs a staff of engineers who ensure that the high carbon stainless steel used in their cutlery is the best for commercial kitchen applications, with the perfect balance of strength, stain resistance, and edge holding ability.


“So what truly distinguishes Mundial knives,” I asked? “Comfort,” said Lou. Mundial offers a large variety of handle options from traditional tang-riveted to various modern molded styles. Their “Mundi Grip” is a soft textured handle. Other handles have “sure grip” features and ergonomic contours. “The key,” said Lou, “is to pick up Mundial knives and hold them. Try out the various handle materials, shapes and styles. Find the one that is the most comfortable in your hand and for the work that you do. When you find it, that is the Mundial knife that will become your favorite go-to knife. Comfort is the Mundial edge.”


Mundial knives have anti-microbial protection built into their handles, and are available with color-coded handles to help prevent cross contamination. Go to for more information.