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The Master-Bilt Super Controller

At first glance, the plastic computer chip pictured below looks the same as any old chip. But what it does, never gets old. What it does is help operators save money.

MBlogoThe computer chip is Master-Bilt’s new Super Controller. It is an option now available on Master-Bilt endless glass door merchandisers with remote refrigeration systems, as well as walk-in coolers and freezers. The Super Controller can also be retrofit onto units that are already in the field.

The Super Controller controls the electric expansion valve that regulates refrigerant flow to the evaporator core of the refrigeration system. By monitoring the flow of refrigerant, the Super Controller can float the head pressure of the condensing unit. This allows the condensing unit to use cold air and reduce the compressor’s energy use. Additionally, the Super Controller ensures an efficient, precisely regulated refrigerant flow. This also leads to more energy savings.

The Super Controller is sort of the little brother to Master-Bilt’s Master Controller, both in capability and cost, however it is more versatile in that it can work with most remote refrigeration systems. The Super Controller is perfect for a wide variety of applications, but could serve best in convenience stores, drug stores and other retail operations.

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