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The Hand-Washing Station

Up to this point during National Food Safety Month, we’ve spent a lot of time focusing on the food. In this post we’d like to turn the attention away from food, and onto the people handing it.


In any foodservice operation, staff hygiene is extremely important. And it starts with clean hands.


Clean hands start at the hand-washing station. And every hand-washing station starts with a sink designated for hand washing. Hands should never be washed in sinks used for food prep, dishwashing, utility services or anything else for that matter.


The next vitally important aspect of hand washing is soap. Having an easily accessible and easily operated soap dispenser at every hand-washing station is a great start.  San Jamar offers two different lines of soap dispensers that easily fulfill this need.


Once hands have been washed and rinsed, it’s important that they’re dried properly. So a single-use paper towel dispenser should also be present at every hand-washing station. San Jamar also offers a wide variety of paper-towel dispensers including those with levers to dispense the towels, no-touch dispensers with censors and folded towel dispensers.


After hands have been cleaned it’s important to try to keep them as clean as possible. This is where faucets can come into play during the hand-washing process. If at all possible, having a hands-free faucet at the hand-washing station is optimal. The most popular solution to hands-free faucets is a station with foot pedals. These are available from both Fisher and T&S Brass.


With these products, any operator can get their designated hand-washing station up and running. It’s a vital element of any food-safe foodservice operation.