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The 2012 Kitchen Innovation Awards

By Carla Landi

The National Restaurant Association announced the winners of the 2012 Kitchen Innovation Awards last week.

The NRA show in Chicago is the place to see new emerging trends in foodservice, along with innovative equipment to enhance operations. Manufacturers continue to design equipment that will save end users money, labor, time and in some cases, take their operation to the next level. Manufacturers have done all this while keeping sustainability and the environment at the forefront. Below we’re going to highlight some of the most exciting products to be featured at this year’s show. Make sure to check back with us for our continued in-depth coverage of all the upcoming products from these great manufacturers.

Innovation Awards were given for new products that will have a significant impact on efficiency and the success of restaurant kitchens.  These products will enable foodservice operators to increase productivity, safety, efficiency, quality and environmental sustainability.

Here are a few of our favorite winners:

Frymaster – Large Vat Fryers (1814 G/E)
Their new large vat, 1814 gas and electric fryers has a 63 lb. frypot oil capacity with an 18” x 14” cooking area. Two 1814 fryers can do the work of three standard fryers.  The end user will experience savings in footprint space, reducing it by 11-15%.  They will also use 12-16% less oil and upwards of 50% less energy.  Click here for more information.

Garland Commercial Ranges – Garland Induction Griddle
This griddle features patented six-point real-time temperature sensing, a power management system and a high-performance, three metal-layered plate. This unique induction griddle achieves almost instantaneous recovery and even heat across the griddle. Watch the video below to learn about the induction technology. Click here for more information.

Lang Mfg. – Lang GHP Series Featuring “On Demand Burners”
Lang introduced the first gas fired countertop range with on-demand burners.  The burners are energy efficient and have a lever actuated gas valve that will go from idle to full when the pot or pan rests on the grate surface. Save up to 50% in gas consumption. For more information on Lang and its products click here.

Merrychef USA – Planar Plume Technology
Merrychef’s new patented Planar Plume Technology creates even impingement sheets of air in rapid cook ovens. It delivers quicker heat transfer, less microwave destruction, lower blower speeds, and incased energy efficiency.  Check out the press release by clicking here.

Vulcan – VTEC – Infrared Charbroiler
This is a high-production cooking platform with an innovative conversion burner. Infrared energy is generated in longer wavelengths for efficient cooking results while using less gas and reducing flare-ups. Click here for more information including videos.

Wells Manufacturing – HDW-2 Water Saving Heated Disher Well
The HDW-2 brings an alternative to constantly running dipper wells.  Instead, food serving utensils are held at bacteria and allergen free temperatures while conserving up to 18 gallons of water per hour.

If you have any questions or want to know more about any one of these particular products, please leave your questions or comments in the space provided below.