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Take Control of Your Refrigeration

Enviro-Control,™ a custom-designed option from Nor-Lake, is a highly efficient electronic controller designed to increase reliability, connectivity, and food safety while reducing operating costs.

How does it help operators?



It provides precise and reliable temperature control. Complete removal of ice build-up in evaporator coils is one of the benefits. It eliminates excessive temperatures found with conventional defrost applications. It provides re-humidification of conditioned space to increase product shelf life, which we all know is crucial. The INCREASED optional data logging with 30 days of data in 10-minute intervals provides food safety verification as well as troubleshooting.



Enviro-Control™ provides control over many functions, including evaporator fans, room temperature, electronic expansion valve (EEV), compressor/liquid line solenoid, defrost heaters, and multiple alarms.



With Enviro-Control™, you can receive alerts, text messages, and emails and change system parameters from your phone, computer, or tablet wherever internet service is available, an important feature particularly right now during these times when you can’t always be in the kitchen. It also provides communication between controllers for multi-coil systems. 


Enviro-Control™ features energy-saving demand defrost, which initiates a defrost cycle only when needed resulting in up to 87% reduction in defrost cycles over conventional. The bottom line benefits include maximum energy efficiency with less compressor run time, resulting in fewer and shorter defrosts and automatic fan cycling control, which saves electricity by cycling the evaporator fans during the off-cycle. For security, the system controls are password protected. 

Nor-lake takes pride in meeting every refrigeration need through innovative and reliable products, service, and performance. They are a full-service supplier of walk-ins, cabinets, and refrigeration systems designed for foodservice applications of all types.