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TableCraft’s Cooling Plates and Displays

By Matt Kurnick

CW40309CMKeeping food at a safe temperature  is a vital part of serving food on a buffet.

The new line of Cooling Plates and Displays from TableCraft is a great option to help maintain food temperatures while also providing an aesthetically appealing display.

The Cooling Plates and Displays come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and formations to suit every end user.

What makes these displays most unique is the cooling plate they come with. The plates are formed to fit perfectly on the display surface. The stainless steel plates are intended to sit in a freezer prior to CW40306Mservice. Then when it’s time, the cold plate is set on the display and the plated food product is set on top of the cooling plate, which is designed to keep food cold for a longer period of time.

The displays and cooling plates can be purchased in a package, and if additional cooling plates are needed, they can be purchased separately.

For more information on the Cooling Plates and Displays from TableCraft, click here.

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