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TableCraft – Safer Food Solutions

By Lee Davis

I recently met up with Paula O’Connell, Director of Sales-Midwest for the TableCraft Products Company.  She spoke to me about a new line of Tablecraft products called Safer Food Solutions. These products are designed for advanced food safety and operational efficiency. Forormerly messy tasks, such as getting the last cup of salad dressing out of a half-gallon container, are now made easier, safer and cleaner using Tablecraft’s new Pour-N-Save Transfer System.

Another item that caught my eye was an NSF certified wide-mouth squeeze bottle that is available with a built in BBQ brush. Once the squeeze bottle is filled, the brush fits over the squeeze bottle top and can be used to easily spread BBQ sauce, or any other cooking sauce, using only one hand. The bristles are soft and withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees. No more risk of contamination from using an open bowl of sauce with a bristle brush, and no more bristles in your food. Watch the video below to see more about the BBQ brush and other Safer Food Solutions products from TableCraft.

For more information about Safer Food Solutions products from TableCraft, click here. For more information and additional demonstration videos visit What is the messiest food prep task you’ve ever had to do?