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Clean up Your Buffet Table with Tablecraft

By Lee Davis, CFSP


Back in the day, I was the made-to-order omelet maker at a busy Sunday Brunch venue. Every week, I’d set up a table in the dining room and cover it with a white linen tablecloth and drape. Then, I’d set up my butane burners, bring out the omelet ingredients, put on my tall white paper hat, and start wowing the customers. One hour later, the tablecloth would be splattered with eggs and melted butter. Bits of tomato, green pepper, bacon, mushrooms, smoked salmon, and cheese would be scattered all about. With a line of people waiting, I had no time to change the tablecloth, and although wiping it with a towel took care of the solid bits, it often left stains behind or ground them in worse.


Tablecraft has come up with a perfect solution: Aluminum Tabletop Covers. Designed for standard 6’ or 8’ tables, the two-piece design makes for easy and simple set-up and take down. Aluminum Tabletop Covers fit over your draped table and wrap over the edge to create a stable, attractive, and easy-to-clean surface. A quick wipe with a cloth and your buffet table will look as great as it did when you opened the doors.


Tablecraft Aluminum Tabletop Covers provide years of durable use and save operators money on table linens and custom fabricated serving stations. Lightweight and portable, they’re easy to store and perfect for banquet set-ups, catering applications, or most any front-of-house display. They feature a random swirl surface pattern and come with your choice of three available coatings: translucent clear (for a plain aluminum look), translucent copper or black.


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