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TableCraft Beverages To-Go Kits

By Carla Landi

Have you seen Tablecraft’s Beverages To-Go Kits?

These are fantastic!  There are so many opportunities with these kits, it’s genius.  These kits allow operators to supply customers with signature hand-crafted cocktails, beer by the bucket, and other specialty spirits to take and make in the comfort of their own homes.  The possibilities are endless.  It’s a great way to brand and keep a restaurant in the forefront of the customer’s mind.  Add a few party favors, like a mini micro grater or small syrup squeeze bottle. Get creative, make it attractive, fun, and memorable.

Beer here!

Just in time for the warm weather months when everyone will be enjoying their backyards and decks. Pack up and send off your beer bucket specials to-go. Tablecraft offers the Brickhouse Collection™ Stainless steel 8” pail. Offer this to your customers and they will be talking about it with their friends and neighbors.

Check this out!

Prepare uniquely crafted Rumchata Adult Root Beer Float kits for your local rum lovers with TableCraft’s bar prep, storage and serving tools – perfect for a movie night-in. Shown in the picture below: 1 MINI BOX GRATER #SG100 | 2 MINI SPICE JARS #H92004 | 3 CHEF’S SQUEEZE BOTTLES #1104 | 4 ECO-FRIENDLY PAPER STRAW (INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED) #100125 | 5 COCKTAIL & BEER LAYERING SPOON #BTSPOON

Bloody Marys To Go?

That’s right. Create the perfect brunch Bloody Mary and pack it up to-go for your customers to enjoy from a safe social distance with TableCraft’s bartending tools. Shown in the picture below: 1 GLASS MILK JAR #H92005 | 2 RESEALABLE GLASS CARAFE #RGC34 | 3 BAMBOO SKEWERS #908

The options are limitless

Beverage sales are a big profit generator for restaurants. Tablecraft offers a great way to bring that back.  Not only is this good for business, but there are so many opportunities here to brighten your customer’s day and provide a fun and festive treat To-Go.  You know your customers better than anyone.  Along with the kits shown here, what kind of creative Beverages To-Go would your customers like to purchase?  Tablecraft has a wide variety of products to help you create any kind of kit.  Bring joy to your customers and strengthen that bond until they can come in and order a drink or two again. Shown in the picture below: 1 MINI BOX GRATER #SG100 | 2 GASTRONORM DISPLAY CRATE #CRATE14 | 3 CLASSIC STYLE JIGGER #1202 | 4 FLAT POCKET BOTTLE OPENER #H3996 | 5 3-PIECE PLASTIC BAR SHAKER #PS379 | 6 RESEALABLE PLASTIC OVAL JAR #10113 | 7 PREMIUM 3-PIECE S/S BAR SHAKER, 6 OZ #276 | 8 LOOPED & HEART PICK

Be creative, have fun, and bring joy to your customers and your business. Thank you Tablecraft for your creative ideas and products!