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Structural Concepts: Oasis Undercounter Grab & Go

By Lee Davis, CFSP

Point of sale merchandising is hardly a new concept. Down at my favorite truck stop, they frequently have a galvanized washtub full of ice and cold drinks sitting on the floor next to the cash register. On a hot summer day, it’s hard not to notice those frosty cold bottles of pop and add one to your final order while checking out…just be careful of the spilled ice, water and condensate on the floor.

Structural Concepts’ new line of undercounter grab & go refrigerated merchandisers capitalizes on the same concept, but with a lot more style and efficient use of space. Their merchandisers all but disappear below and behind the counter. Only the front is cut out and blends into the counter to display cold beverages, fruit, yogurt, salads, or other grab & go offerings. This is a great way to turn the unused area beneath a cash register or countertop display unit, into a self service, revenue generating retail space.

The units come in a variety of lengths from 36 to 72 inches and feature LED top lighting. The units use a Breeze-E (Type II) with EnergyWise refrigeration system. Accessories include a non-locking magnetic night curtain, or a locking solid aluminum security cover. The undercounter units are 32.75” tall and 32-3/8” deep. The display area is about 23 inches deep with a black or stainless steel rear wall and mirrored side walls for added visual dimension.

Whether you’re trying to maximize limited retail space, offer the convenience of additional grab & go offerings, or simply capitalize on point of sale merchandising, the Structural Concepts undercounter grab & go refrigerated merchandisers are a great solution with a stylish built-in appearance that outshines a dripping galvanized washtub every time.

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