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Sterno Products Introduces Their New S’Mores Maker

By Carla Landi


Who doesn’t get excited about S’Mores? The Sterno S’Mores Maker is a great way to create a unique experience for your guests that will have them coming back for more.


Set it up on the table as a fun and interactive treat, create a chef-attended action station, or include it in a catering event theme. It’s built to perform anytime, anywhere.


The integrated Heat Management System keeps the specially formulated S’Mores Heat safely secured under the roasting screen. The S’Mores tray is durable and very easy to clean.


The kit includes:


  • 1 can of Sterno S’Mores Heat
  • 1 durable and easy to clean serving tray with 2 integrated S’Mores Making Stations
  • 2 stainless steel Roasting Forks


The S’Mores Maker from Sterno Products brings more opportunities for out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to creating the ultimate dining experiences for your guests.


Watch the video for a demonstration and more information.

Sterno S’mores Maker