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Star-Max Vertical Broilers: Spinning Up An Appetite

By Lee Davis

I remember stomping around Manhattan in the late 1970s. One of the greatest things about the city was the street food. From hotdogs and knish, to pizza by the slice, Manhattan was a fast food paradise.

My favorite was a flatbread sandwich filled with tomatoes, onion, Tzatziki sauce, and broiled lamb, sometimes called a Gyro. I often placed my order through the street side take-out window of a little Greek restaurant on the lower east side. I would watch the cook carve the freshly roasted lamb from a vertical rotisserie unit that sat spinning away next to the window. The outer surface of the spitted meat would broil to a crisp as it rotated around in front of a vertical heating element. The sandwiches were always fresh, hot and savory.

Since then, I’ve seen these units in Greek, Arab and even Mexican Restaurants.  I’ve seen them used to prepare lamb, pork, beef and various combinations of the above. Whether the establishment serves Gyros, Shawarma or Tacos, there’s always something intriguing about 45 pounds of spinning meat, roasting away on a vertical spit en plein aire.

Recently, Star Manufacturing added the Star-Max Vertical Broiler to their line-up of countertop cooking equipment. The units are available in either electric or gas. Temperature and rotisserie speed are fully adjustable. Heat shields can be adjusted to concentrate heat, regulate cooking speed, and save on energy. The most impressive feature is a friction drive that automatically stops the rotation during slicing to allow for quick and simple carving.

Star-Max Vertical Broilers are designed for display cooking where the sight and aroma of roasting meat stimulates the appetite and the buying impulse.  They can also be used in the kitchen wherever you have about 16” x 25” of counter space and a desire to spin up an appetite.

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