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Standex RSG Keg Management System

By Randy Baum


Picture the following scenario: It’s Friday night at the local Brew Pub and you’re in the midst of a hectic dinner rush. A guest places an order for that popular new IPA, but the bartender informs you that the keg has just run dry. Typically, one of the bus boys would run back and swap out the keg for a new one, but they’re currently busy tending to the dinner rush. So, it’s up to you to tap the new keg. You head back to the walk-in only to find that the keg you need is conveniently buried behind a very large stack of kegs. Being the highly motivated employee that you are, you jump into action and start pushing and lifting the obstructing kegs, when all of the sudden you feel a sharp pain in your lower back.


This all-to-common scenario could have easily been avoided with the help of the innovative new Keg Management System (KMS) from the Standex Refrigerated Solutions Group (Nor-Lake and Master-Bilt). Recently chosen to be a part of The NAFEM Show’s WHAT’S HOT! WHAT’S COOL!® product gallery, the KMS has also received a 2017 Kitchen Innovations® Award and will be featured at the 2017 NRA Show this May in Chicago.


The KMS combines a walk-in cooler with a built-in electric hoist and integrated cantilever shelving. The hoist utilizes a track system and is designed to lift and stack kegs anywhere within the walk-in, making it easy for one person to safely move and organize kegs without the risk of injury. It’s essentially a miniaturized “crane” system for your walk-in. Pretty clever, right?


The KMS is fully customizable and can be implemented into any size walk-in. There are also a handful of optional add-ons available. The add-ons include: an LED lighting strip which can be mounted to the bottom of the shelving to enhance visibility and to simplify the tapping of kegs below, a digital scale which can be added to the hoist to take the guesswork out of calculating partial kegs (allowing for precise inventory control), and a heavy-duty handle assembly for added convenience when lifting and moving kegs.


With the average keg of beer weighing in at 160 pounds, there are certainly risk factors involved with lifting and handling kegs, and the KMS was specifically designed to solve these types of challenges. It’s truly the ideal keg management solution for restaurants, bars, craft breweries, nightclubs and many other applications. Click here to view the KMS brochure and to learn more about all its great features and benefits.