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Perfect your Pour with Spill-Stop Premium Barware

By Randy Baum


The art of mixology starts with passion, knowledge, and skill. And, just as a fine artist chooses the perfect brushes to create a masterpiece, a mixologist relies on premium barware tools to create a perfect cocktail. Fortunately for mixologists everywhere, Spill-Stop has just introduced a full line of professional quality barware tools so they can do just that.


Available in three different finishes: stainless steel, copper, or 24K gold, Spill-Stop’s Premium Barware Collection covers all the essential tools you’ll need to make incredible cocktails, including:


Blend and shake your beverages in style. Available in sets of two shakers, 18-ounce and 28-ounce, with a reinforced bottom for durability.


Fit your shaker with your choice of three heavy-duty strainers: Julep, Fine Mesh, or Hawthorne.


These “Japanese style” jiggers are 1 x 2 ounces with internal markings showing additional measures.

Mixing Spoons

These Tear Drop and Trident mixing spoons are offered in 30cm, 40cm, and 50 cm lengths, and Muddler mixing spoons in 27 cm and 40 cm. Pick the length that fits your style.

Mixing Glass

This 600ml Yarai Style Mixing Glass is hand blown, hand cut, seamless, and heavy duty. It has a wide mouth and base for ease in stirring as well as a spout for ease in pouring.

Bitters Bottle

This 90ml Yarai Style Bitters Bottle, with its beveled glass body and stainless steel dasher cap, is the perfect bottle for showcasing and dispensing bitters.

To learn more about these, and all of Spill-Stop’s quality barware products, please visit their website at

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