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Spill-Stop 285-50 Chrome Tapered Pourer

By Randy Baum


For many bar operators, pour spouts aren’t the most exciting topic of discussion. But in reality, the type of pour spouts you use, and how you train your staff, can drastically affect your bottom line. In other words, if you don’t invest in quality pour spouts, you could be missing out on a lot of extra revenue.


Ask any veteran bartender to name their favorite pour spout and Spill-Stop’s 285-50 Chrome Tapered Pourer will likely be their answer. But what makes the 285-50 stand out as a leader among its competition?


One word… Consistency.


Consistency in pouring speed is the key to making more money off your drinks. Let’s break it down by doing some simple math…


The average cost of a drink with 1 ounce of liquor is $7.50. If your bartender over-pours by 20%, that means you’re losing one drink for every five that are poured. There are 33.8 ounces in every 1 liter bottle (Approximately 33 drinks per bottle). So, if your bartender consistently over-pours by 20%, that means you’re losing six drinks for every 1 liter bottle sold. Those six drinks equal $45.00 in lost sales.


Now the big question… How many bottles do you go through on a busy weekend?


The answer might be a bit unsettling. Luckily, Spill-Stop’s 285-50 is known for its consistent quality and pour speed, so you can stop worrying about wasted drinks, and start making more money.


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