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Rubbermaid Commercial Slim Jim® Recycling Stations

By Lee Davis, CFSP


It’s really simple to set up an entire recycling station using Slim Jim® recycling components from Rubbermaid Commercial Products. Simple and durable, there is no hardware needed to get the job done.


Start by selecting the number of bases and lids you need. Next, you’ll need to order enough snap on connectors to attach each base to the next one in line. A “billboard” attaches to the rear of each base, upon which you may place waste stream labels indicating whether the receptacle is intended for plastic, glass, paper, compost, organic waste, cans, bottles, landfill, trash, or mixed recycling. Available labels feature both words and icons.


Rubbermaid Commercial also offers a number of lid inserts to help make sure that various items make it into the right receptacles. For instance, one has a long narrow slot for plastic plates; another has a round hole for cans and bottles. Billboards and lid inserts come in multiple colors to further differentiate bins. You can order all components for your recycling station individually, or select from a number of preconfigured kits that include common combinations of recycling options.


Slim Jim® containers are a tried and true Rubbermaid Commercial product. They are known for their durability and feature venting channels to make removing liners 80% easier, improving productivity and reducing the risk of worker injury. They also feature a convenient cinch that secures liners around the rim of the container and allows for knot-free liner changes.


Rubbermaid Commercial’s Slim Jim® Recycling Station components are tough enough for commercial kitchens, but attractive enough for front of the house placement. Learn more about this most adaptable recycling system, and other recycling solutions, by visting