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Scotsman Prodigy Plus

By Carla Landi


Scotsman, the Ice People, continue to take a strong approach on the importance of ice.  They really go the extra mile when it comes to producing pure and clean ice that will enhance your customer’s experience, while pleasing operators with a worry-free, efficient means to deliver that experience.


The Prodigy Plus® is just one example. The Prodigy Plus® technology is available on a wide range of Scotsman cube, flake, and nugget ice machines. It features one-touch cleaning and built-in antimicrobial protection to protect your machine between cleanings. From convenient cleaning and a small operational footprint to enhanced energy efficiency, Prodigy Plus® is a smart solution for today’s busy foodservice facilities.


How much do you know about ice? Scotsman has a wonderful collection of quick, easy-on-the-eyes, videos that cover everything you should know about ice in your operation.  Click here to view the following videos: Discover Customer-Pleasing Ice Forms, Learn More About the Patented Technology, The Impact of Ice in a Bar, Effective Ice Machine Maintenance, The Ice Customers Demand, and more.