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Rolling out Efficiency and Consistency

By Carla Landi

Pizzas, tortillas, pierogies and pies …  What do these things have in common? With the right tools they’re easy to uniformly produce over and over again at a high quality. And when that’s achieved, they become high demand menu items for their taste and quality.  The challenge then is to get consistent results with timely creation and mass production.

Doyon’s counter top dough sheeter is a product that provides a great answer to this challenge. The dough sheeter doesn’t take any floor space.  It will sheet a ball of dough to a uniform thickness in seconds. It provides consistent results and is safe and easy to use.  Doyon’s dough sheeter can help produce approximately 250 pieces per hour in just two easy steps.

Check out the demonstration in this video, given by Michelle Fronsee from Doyon.