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Robot Coupe’s R602VV Combination Processor

By Randy Baum


It’s safe to say that manually prepping ingredients has its share of downsides. Not only does manual preparation take longer, but it also poses potential safety risks for your employees. The good news is that Robot Coupe’s new R602VV Combination Food Processor solves both these problems (and more). With the R602VV you’ll be able to complete prep work in a fraction of the time, and since it comes with both a continuous feed head and a batch bowl, it can easily adapt to any number of food prep tasks that might get thrown its way.


The R602VV’s seven-quart stainless steel batch bowl is perfect for mixing up small batches of an ingredient, or it can be used to process several ingredients at once. While the “S” blade assembly allows you to emulsify, mix, and chop ingredients to a coarse texture. The R602VV also includes a vegetable preparation attachment which is designed for continuous feed slicing, grating, shredding, and dicing. It features two deep feed openings, one for large produce and one for smaller produce, both of which include a pusher to keep the operator’s hands clear of the cutting area. A 1/8″ Slicing Disc and 1/8″ Grating Disc come standard with the unit, but 50+ additional discs are available separately to expand the machine’s functionality.


As far as operation goes, it doesn’t get much easier. The R602VV boasts a super simple 2-button control panel with “on” and “off” switches and an adjustable speed dial. A magnetic safety system and an auto shut-off feature also come standard to ensure maximum operator safety. And last but not least, the R602VV’s removable attachments ensure that cleanup and sanitation are a breeze.


The R602VV may just be the perfect combination food processor. Visit today to learn more and to explore Robot Coupe’s seven other families of food prep equipment.