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Robot Coupe’s Blixer – A Perfect Solution

By Lee Davis, CFSP


Robot Coupe introduced the “Blixer” 20 years ago. Originally, it was designed and conceived as a solution for foodservice operators in the healthcare industry. Many elderly clients need food completely pureed without any lumps or chunks. Unprocessed bits of food can cause choking and harm. The Blixer provides fast, reliable results in that segment, and has grown in popularity amongst others.


Blenders are great for many applications, but depending on the food being processed, blenders often require additional liquid to prevent cavitation. Adding water dilutes food, and lowers the nutritional content per portion.


Traditional bowl type food processors also have limitations. Many lack the horsepower and speed to completely puree a large variety of foods. Additionally, bowl type processors must be stopped to manually scrape lumps and chunks away from the sides.


The Blixer is a cross between a blender and a cutter/mixer. Featuring a high horsepower industrial strength motor, stainless steel bowl, serrated blades, and speeds up to 3600 rpm, the Blixer quickly purees almost any food without the need for additional liquids. A manual scraper arm can be turned, while processing continues, to push lumps and chunks of food back toward the spinning blades. Countertop Blixers are available in capacities from 2.5 quarts up to 20 quarts. Floor model Blixers can handle even larger jobs.


Other segments of the foodservice industry have embraced the Blixer as well. Able to puree chick peas in just seconds, Blixers make perfectly smooth and creamy hummus, an incredibly versatile dish that has found its way from Vegetarian and Mediterranean menus to fast casual, sandwich, grab-n-go, and even sports bar menus. Exotic spices and herbs can also be processed into fine powders for rubs, marinades, dressings, and general use. Operators venturing into the area of culinary cannabis have also embraced the Blixer as a great way to quickly reduce leafy dried buds into fine aromatic powders.


The Blixer has established itself as the perfect solution for many applications. Visit Robot Coupe’s website to read more about Blixers and explore Robot Coupes seven other families of food preparation equipment.