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Pitco’s New Touch Screen Controller

By Lee Davis, CFSP


Last June, we brought you information and a video about the revolutionary Pitco ROV (Reduced Oil Fryer), with its automatic filtration feature, automatic top off system and oil quality sensor. Well, Pitco didn’t stop with those innovations. They’ve just introduced their new Pitco fryer Touch Screen Controller.


The controller has many great features and couldn’t be more intuitive to use. Menus can be pre-programmed and matched to menu key graphics. Want to fry chicken? Push on the image of the chicken. Oil temperature and cook time automatically adjust. Want to fry doughnuts? Push on the image of the doughnut. Results are consistent from one user to the next, and from one shift to the next. The touch screen will also alert users when an oil change or filtration cycle is due.


The Pitco Touch Screen Controller is also a monitor. It tracks the total hours of operation, number of cook cycles, number filter cycles, and more. Data can be transferred using a USB connection.


Tracking data gives an operator the ability to minimize costs while maximizing food quality. For instance, suppose at the end of the day, the data tracker reports 100 french-fry cycles, but the cash register shows only 75 french-fry sales. Management can investigate immediately and resolve the problem with additional training or supervision to prevent food waste and oil loss.


Or perhaps the tracking data reveals that filtration cycles are only being run once per day, when procedures call for filtration following every shift. Again, management can step in with additional training or supervision to resolve the problem, ensuring that oil quality, food quality and customer satisfaction remain high.


Pitco wants to offer customers an integrated frying solution. The Pitco fryer Touch Screen Controller is just one more innovation in a list of innovations that helps them do just that. Learn more at