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Perlick – The Perfect Pour for St. Patty’s Day and Beyond

By Lee Davis, CFSP


This week, St. Patrick’s Day will be celebrated with food, festivities, parades, and beer. If you’re in the business of selling beer, then you know the importance of serving a perfect pour. Every glass of beer, be it chestnut brown, golden yellow, or (cringe) shamrock green, should have just the right amount of head. Head is that layer of creamy foam at the top of the glass. If a beer has too much head, the customer may feel cheated on the portion. If it has too little head, the customer may presume that the beer is flat, or that you have a faulty beer system. Depending on the type of beer being served, ½ to 1-½ inches of foam is desirable.


Perlick, manufacturer of beverage, bar, and refrigeration systems, now offers a beer faucet that helps you achieve the perfect pour every time. It boosts customer satisfaction and saves you money. They call it the Push Back Creamer. In the “off” position, the tap handle is vertical. Pull the handle toward you for a normal flow of beer. When the beer approaches the top of the glass, push the handle backwards, beyond vertical, until it is tilting away from you. In that position, the faucet finishes off the pour with a perfect creamy head. When released, a compression spring returns the handle to vertical.


Pushing the handle backwards activates a stainless steel piston that exposes small holes in the faucet. The turbulence created by beer passing through the holes produces the “cream,” and a satisfied customer. It also eliminates the spillage that occurs as bartenders pour off either excess foam or beer from a full glass, before topping it off again with whichever is lacking.


The Push Back Creamer is available on all standard and flow control forward sealing Perlick Faucets. If you already have one, then your St. Patrick’s Day celebration is off to a great start this year. If not, then order one now. Four of the top five U.S. beer-buying holidays, according to the Nielson Rankings, are just around the corner: Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, Father’s Day and Independence Day. Cheers!

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