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Panasonic Microwave Steamers

Panasonic Microwave SteamersSEFA President, Tedde Reid recently caught up with Panasonic’s Ken Megarr to discuss Panasonic Microwave Steamers. These exciting ovens use microwave technology to steam. Using Panasonic Microwave Steamers is extremely convenient, it produces high quality product, and can ultimately be more healthy for consumers. The Panasonic steamer doesn’t require a water line, drain line, or hood vent that traditional steamers need. And an independent, third-party research study revealed that cooking with the Panasonic Microwave Steamer retains up to seven times more water-soluble nutrients in foods than conventional methods. Panasonic features two models, both large enough to hold two full-size, 4-inch deep steam table pans. Both models also feature Panasonic’s exclusive heating system for faster cooking and higher energy efficiency.

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