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Panasonic – Convenient Rice and Alternatives

By Lee Davis, CFSP


Back in the 1980s it was typical, even fashionable, for full service restaurants to feature one, and only one, rice selection on their menus. It was often either simple white rice, or an inexpensive spinoff of Saffron Rice made with Turmeric instead of Saffron, and Orzo in lieu of slivered almonds (a la Rice-A-Roni). When ordering your main course, you were typically given a choice of simply potatoes or rice.


Last week, I walked into a commercial kitchen, and on a worktable near the prep area, I saw no less than 8 Panasonic Commercial Rice Cookers steaming away. As I peered into each, I identified long grain Basmatti rice, Italian short grain rice, and whole grain brown rice. Additionally, the chef helped me identify several other grains including Amaranth, Quinoa, Barley, Farro, and Freekeh.


Some diners are looking for more alternatives to their gluten free diets. Some are seeking a lower glycemic index in their starchy side dishes. Some are following the latest “Super Food” trend. Many are looking for white rice alternatives with more fiber and protein. Still others are seeking to satisfy increasingly more sophisticated palates, in a global economy, where so many alternate choices are readily available in local markets.


Panasonic Commercial Rice Cookers are a convenient and safe way to prepare and offer a wider variety of rice and grains to patrons demanding more choices. If you’ve ever turned your back on a covered pot of simmering rice, and experienced a “boil over”, then you’ll appreciate that Panasonic Rice Cookers don’t boil over. They don’t take up space on the range either. They can be placed virtually anywhere and don’t require a ventilation hood.


Additionally, some models include a “keep warm” feature that holds rice and grains at serving temperatures until needed. They are available in multiple capacities, including a 40 cup and 23 cup size that prepare 168 and 94 three ounce portions respectively. Some models include a steamer basket for steaming vegetables. All feature a removable Aluminum alloy pan, sheathed heating element, and Safety Thermal Fuse built in. Learn more about Panasonic Commercial Steamers by watching the video below, or by visiting their website.