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By Carla Landi


Calling all Chefs: Paderno has recently introduced 420 new products with creative culinary professionals in mind.


Paderno is known for their passion for cooking and for coming up with creative solutions and opportunities for foodservice professionals who share their passion. In fact, their tag line is Italian Passion for Cooking, since 1925. To the chefs who work hard and bring their passion and culinary talents to the table for all to enjoy… this blog is for you! Paderno shares your passion. Treat yourself to a serious look at these new products Paderno has designed with you in mind.


Paderno’s new Non-Stick Cast Aluminum Dutch Ovens are sure to make the Chef Favorite List! They look amazing and fun, but it’s the features and benefits that put these Dutch Ovens over the top for chefs. Brilliant concept! They are light-weight with the same benefits of heavy-weight cast-iron Dutch Ovens. The enameled lid, with a self-basting design, collects droplets of condensation and re-introduces it back into the food for tender and moist results. These Dutch Ovens have exceptional heat conductivity, non-stick and stain-resistant double ceramic-coated interior, and an encapsulated disc that make them compatible with ANY cooktop, including induction. Oven and dishwasher-safe, BPA and PFOA-free, they’re perfect for daily use.


Make ANY pan Induction-Ready with Paderno’s New Induction Adapter! This induction adapter allows for the heating of all types of material on induction cooktops, including stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic, and glass. It can also be used in buffets to warm bakers plates and platters. The disc distributes heat so evenly that it can be used as a universal heat diffuser on gas or electric cooktops to minimize the need for stirring. It’s made of a tri-ply combination of 18/10 stainless steel/aluminum/stainless steel, includes a detachable stainless steel handle, and is dishwasher-safe.


Enrich upscale oven-to-table service with Paderno’s new Mini Copper Collection! The collection includes sauce pans, rondeaus, saucepots and saute’ pans. The thickness of the walls at 2.7mm along with their optional covers, bring added heat retention to the table. Guests will be delighted with the hot presentation.


A really cool must-have for the kitchen—Pan Liners that are heat-resistant up to 500°F and can be used with or without grease and liquids. Turn any and all of your cookware into cookware with a non-stick finish! What? These reusable pan liners are made of PTFE-coated fiberglass and silicone and they are dishwasher safe. Simply place the liner in a fry pan with the non-skid, silicone-finished side down. The pan can then be pre-heated and used as it normally would be without the liner. It stays in place while food is scrambled, tossed, and turned. Once the cooking process is finished, the liner can easily be removed, washed and stored. This very inexpensive solution from Paderno will create savings in money, time, and space!


How about combining slate with Acacia wood for another upscale look when presenting your culinary treats? Paderno did just that with their Slate Boards. Perfect for serving cheese, appetizers, and desserts. Slates can be chilled in preparation for serving cold food, or heated in standard oven up to about 700°F for serving hot food. These eco-friendly slates are natural and therefore require hand-washing. The Acacia base, can be wiped with a damp cloth and dried immediately. The combination of rustic and contemporary brings a warm, good feeling to the table.


Paderno has really been doing their homework and tapping into their foodservice passion to bring products that culinary professionals would enjoy in their kitchens and on their tables. Do yourself a favor and check out their 2018 Product Catalog with 420 new and unique products. Enjoy!