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Oneida’s New Sahara Line

By Matt Kurnick

Oneida introduced its SaharaTM line of dinnerware this past month at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago.

The name itself suggests imagery of rolling sand dunes in a vast desert kingdom. Those images come to life in the bright white porcelain that makes up this line.

Sant Andrea_Sahara1Sahara Dinnerware and Perpetua Flatware

The Sahara line is a full collection of dinnerware with plates, platters, saucers, cups and mugs; everything needed to set a table for a royal dinner.

On the Sahara plates and platters, the embossed raised design draws the eye in, surrounding whatever wonderful creation the chef places at its center.  It’s as if the food is an enticing mirage in the middle of the desert.

The Sahara line is yet another fine example of Oneida’s expert use of texture to bring their products to life. This particular line comes with a limited 3-year no-chip warranty.

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