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Oneida Introduces Luzerne Dinnerware to the U.S.

By Carla Landi


Oneida’s new Luzerne Dinnerware is a twice-fired luxury brand that comes from Oneida’s Asian factory. Recognizing the desire for this brand in the U.S. is what motivated Oneida to introduce this line to foodservice professionals across the United States.


According to Vincent Del-Cid of Oneida, the trend to bring a more residential look to the commercial foodservice market is huge right now. Foodservice professionals are looking for new ways to create a tabletop that enhances the overall dining experience for their customers. Much like the creation of the culinary masterpieces that chefs bring to the table, presenting the table itself is an art form, and plays an important role in the dining experience.


From an eccentric marble look, to a deep color in a multi-textured show plate, it’s all here. This line of dinnerware comes in a wide variety of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes, allowing foodservice professionals to present their culinary masterpieces in new and creative ways. Available June 1, 2016.


Watch the video for a sampling of Oneida’s new Luzerne Dinnerware.

Oneida Luzerne Dinnerware