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Oneida Customizes Imbibing Experience

By Matt Kurnick

Have you ever heard of a whiskey or beer sommelier?

With the increased popularity of craft beer, and craft whiskey for that matter, the need to customize one’s services to meet the vast array of available beer and whiskey is ever more important.

The same goes for the vessels in which this diverse set of beverages is served. Oneida has met this need with lines of whiskey-specific and beer-specific glassware.

For the scotch and whiskey enthusiast, Oneida released specific tasting glasses to enhance the experience of sampling new spirits under its Stolzle brand. Oneida’s also helped add sophistication to beer drinking with The Beer Classics line, under their Spiegelau brand which features four different glass shapes that perfectly compliment the four main types of beer.

Recently, Paul Gebhardt, Design Director at Oneida Ltd., took some time to showcase the two new lines for us and explained the precise measures Oneida has taken to customize its glassware to compliment the increasingly diverse whiskey and beer offerings that are now common in bars and restaurants across the country.