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Nor-Lake Goes Behind the Bar

By Lee Davis

Nor-Lake, the company long known for refrigeration solutions such as walk-in coolers and freezers, rack refrigeration systems, reach-ins and merchandisers, has moved beyond the kitchen and behind the bar. In February of 2012, Nor-Lake rolled out its latest additions to the AdvantEDGE line of products: Bottle Coolers, Back Bar Refrigerators (with glass or solid doors) and Direct Draw Beer Coolers.

The units come in a variety of sizes and feature stainless steel tops with black vinyl coated exterior sides, front and back. The interiors are galvanized steel. All can be adjusted to a range of temperatures between 33 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Bottle Cooler Doors feature stainless steel sliding lids and a front mount removable “cap catcher.” The Back Bar Refrigerator and Beer Coolers both come standard with door locks, magnetic door gaskets, interior fluorescent lighting and easy-to-grab top mounted door handles. The Beer Coolers also come with casters and are available with one or two single or double polished stainless steel draft towers.

There is nothing overly stylish or high tech about these units. They feature typical slide-out condensing units with inexpensive and easy-to-repair capillary tube refrigeration systems. They seem designed to simply perform their intended function reliably: to preserve and cool our favorite bar beverages. Cheers to Nor-Lake for these new product offerings.

For other recent additions to the AdvantEDGE line of Nor-Lake products, see their Pizza Prep Tables rolled out in July of 2011, and their Chef Bases introduced in January of 2012.