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New Technology Products from Manitowoc Foodservice

By Lee Davis, CFSP


The other day, I attended a very informative online training webinar presented by Joe Nicholson, Product Sales Manager for Ovens at Manitowoc Foodservice. He covered the very latest in new technology cooking products. A few recurring themes were faster cooking times, energy savings, ease of use, and better quality food. Here is a quick look at the very latest in cooking technology Convotherm, Merrychef and Garland.


The C4 oven from Convotherm is an award winning combi that cooks with either steam (high or low temperature), convection heat, or both. What makes the C4 special is what Convotherm calls the ACS+, or Advanced Closed System Plus. It works like the lid on a pot. Giving you the ability to adjust the amount of steam, heat, and airflow in the combi’s cooking chamber, while also conserving water and energy. With special cooking functions like Crisp&Tasty, BakePro, HumidityPro, and Fan Speed, you can tailor the cooking process for optimal and consistent results whether you are preparing chicken, bread, or lasagna. With the ability to bake, roast, grill, smoke, steam, braise, blanch, poach, and rethermalize, the C4 can replace many of the conventional pieces of cooking equipment in any foodservice kitchen. It comes with your choice of easyTouch or easyDial controls, and features automatic cleaning. It’s also Energy Star rated. Consistency, Concept, Cleaning, and Conservation: that’s the four C’s of the Convotherm C4.


The Merrychef Eikon oven is also an award winner. With a focus on shorter preparation times, the Eikon combines microwave energy for speed, with convection, impingement, and Planar Plume. Planar Plume technology is similar to impingement, but instead of employing multiple tiny air jets, it uses blankets of air that blow down from above the food at 45° angles, colliding just above the food’s surface, to produce very even browning, toasting, and caramelization. Great for subs, sandwiches, pre-portioned cook-to-order items, rethermalizing, batch cooking, and finishing. The Eikon also runs quietly with lower fan speeds, features USB programmable easyTouch controls, and packs a lot of efficiency and production potential into a small footprint. It’s low energy requirements allow for 15 and 20 AMP operation. The Merrychef Eikon is the easy choice for any chain and/or quick service restaurants. It’s also great for convenience stores, retail, casual dining, healthcare, grocery, hotels, bars and cafes.


For the latest in range top technology, Garland is expanding its line of heavy-duty induction equipment. Induction is 70% more efficient than gas, and boils a pot of water in half the time. Induction cooktops are about 50% more efficient than electric ranges. Initial heat up and recovery times are very fast, and exact temperatures can be achieved and maintained for consistent results every time. Garland’s Real Time Temperature Control System with multi point sensing (RTCSmp) delivers better pan detection and faster heating. Garland’s induction units come in single or double hobs (“burners”). Garland also offers an induction wok unit. Garland’s induction griddles use induction energy to heat up the griddle surface and can be used to cook anything from pancakes to steaks with a perfectly even cooking surface, and fast recovery time. Garland also offers induction island cooking suites, table-top, and built-in holding and warming units.


All of the above products will be on display at the 2016 National Restaurant Association Show, Booth 3601-3401, May 21-24, 2016, at McCormick Place in Chicago. Stop in to see what other new technologies are available from the Manitowoc Foodservice companies.

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Convotherm C4

Merrychef Eikon

Garland Induction Ranges & Warmers