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The New, Simple Vulcan Combi

New, Simple Vulcan CombiBy Matt Kurnick

Dozens of cooking modes, hundreds of programmable recipes, and complex digital controls don’t always make for a better piece of cooking equipment. They can make it difficult to train on, and frustrating to use effectively. The thinking behind the new, simple Vulcan combi oven was to eliminate all the complexity and just let cooks cook. The ABC Series combi oven from Vulcan has three easy-to-use knobs, that’s it. From top to bottom, the three knobs control temperature, time, and humidity. Available in gas and electric, the ABC features a patent-pending humidity control that adjusts automatically depending on the set temperature. It’s designed to provide accurate humidity for repeatable results while providing efficiency in energy and water usage. For more on the new, simple Vulcan combi, click here.