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New SideKick Shot Glass from Spill-Stop

By Lee Davis

Unless you’ve been to Las Vegas in the past few weeks, you probably haven’t seen this new patent pending offering from Spill-Stop. It’s called the SideKick Shot Glass. It’s an exciting new idea for bars, nightclubs and restaurants. The two-piece glass comes apart so you can fill the bottom chamber with your favorite flavoring items. When you reassemble the glass and fill it with liquor, the drink becomes a work or art, and your favorite libation becomes infused with whatever flavoring you selected.

You can add virtually anything to the bottom of the SideKick shot glass: hard candy, herbs, fruit … coffee beans. Imagine a shot of good Kentucky bourbon infused with dark Belgium chocolate. Or savor a shot of fine Russian vodka infused with edible pine needles. Maybe you’d go for Tequila infused with real Habanero pepper, or perhaps a fine Canadian Rye Whiskey infused with maple sugar candy.

Bob Silverstein, the owner of Spill-Stop Mfg., showed me a sample and demonstrated how it works. “This is brand new, and it’s already the rage in Vegas,” said Bob. The SideKick helps you create custom signature drinks that can be sold at premium prices. You can design drinks around special events and menu themes, or challenge your bartenders to be creative. You can even put dry ice in the bottom of the SideKick glass. When you pour in the drink, it will bubble, “smoke” and super-chill your libation while putting on quite a show for your customers.

The glasses can be custom printed with logos and can be part of any promotional or marketing effort. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and won’t break like traditional glass products.

Go to for more information on the SideKick shotglass.

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