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Mixing 101 with Globe Food Equipment Company

By Lee Davis, CFSP


A mixer’s job is to provide a consistently even mix of ingredients without overworking the product. When we talk about mixers for commercial kitchens, there are two main types: Planetary Mixers and Spiral Mixers. Which is right for you depends on your operation. We went to Kevin Woods, VP of Sales & Marketing at Globe Food Equipment Co. for advice and direction.


If you’re making dough, and nothing else except dough, then you want a Spiral Mixer. Spiral Mixers feature a permanent dough hook that gently turns in place. A spinning bowl circles around below, continuously returning product to the turning hook. Spiral Mixers do not whip or beat. They gently knead the dough without too much friction or a rise in dough temperatures. This allows the gluten structures in the dough to form. Spiral Mixers are perfect for artisan breads, doughnuts, pizza, tortillas, cookies, biscuits, pies, scones, and anything else made of dough. They typically have a larger footprint than a Planetary Mixer and are rated in pounds (i.e., lbs. of flour per batch).


If you want make more than just dough, or something other than dough, then you need a Planetary Mixer. Planetary Mixers are much more versatile. Globe’s Planetary mixers feature interchangeable agitators that can not only knead, but whip, beat or mix as well. Additionally, various attachments allow you to use your Planetary Mixer to grate, slice, shred, or grind. With Planetary Mixers, the agitator turns on an offset shaft, while the mixing bowl remains stationary. The motion is similar to the way the planets move around the sun, hence the name. Planetary Mixers are the choice when you want to do a variety of jobs, such as whipping cream, then beating batter, and then mixing together a sauce. They typically have a smaller footprint than Spiral Mixers, but are usually taller. They are rated in quarts (i.e., volume per batch).

Globe offers both Spiral and Planetary Mixers in a variety of sizes and capacities from countertop and bench mixers to floor mixers. They feature front mounted controls, strong and durable gear transmissions, and a host of other features and options for every mixing need. They also feature a two year parts and one year labor warranty at no additional cost. Go to for more about Globe mixers and other Globe products.

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