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New Metro Mightylite – A Mighty Good Food Holding & Transport Solution

By Lee Davis, CFSP


If you’ve ever hoisted a traditional pan carrier off the back of a catering truck, carried one sideways through a narrow doorway, or lifted one from floor level to a counter top, then you know how awkward and downright heavy they can be to work with. Top mounted handles make it difficult to hand the carrier off to coworkers. Lifting and carrying from top mounted handles leaves the box dangling in front of your knees, makes it hard to walk without waddling, and puts excess strain on your shoulders and back.


The engineers at Metro stepped back, evaluated customer feedback, and completely redesigned the traditional polymer molded foam filled pan carrier. What they came up with is the Mightylite ML300. Constructed using advanced polymer foam (EPP), the ML300 weighs only 9.1 lbs. That is 60% lighter than comparable units offered by other manufacturers. Its design features eight integrated and ergonomic handles that allow you to lift from the bottom, sides, ends, or top, using the proper and safe lifting technique for the given situation. They also allow for easy hand-offs. The Mightylite is stackable, holds three 12” x 20” x 4” pans, features an unbreakable elastomer travel latch and has a built in door seal that never needs replacing. It comes with a slide-in wire caddy to organize ice packs, hot/cold packs, or odd size items like quart containers.


EPP is a chemically inert material that is safe for food contact, is easy to clean, and does not support bacterial growth. Additionally, it is strong. Used in the automobile industry to make car bumpers, Metro is able to back their Mightylite with a 2 year, no quibble, warranty. Further, EPP has excellent insulating properties. The ML300 keeps hot food hot, and cold food cold, for 5+ hours. Moreover, the design and construction of the ML300 puts it at a price point that is about 25% lower than traditional pan carriers.


Accessories include a thermal partition that minimizes empty space in partially full carrier, or separates hot food from cold food allowing for transport of both in a single container. Also available is a convenient dolly with strap. Got a really big job? The Mightylite ML400 holds four 12” x 20” x 4” pans. Safe, strong, ergonomic, affordable, and cleanable, the Metro Mightylite is a mighty good food holding and transport solution.


Watch the video below for an in-depth look at all of the Mightylite’s great features.