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Metro Mightylite™ – It More than Stacks Up

By Lee Davis, CFSP


A year ago, Metro introduced their Mightylite ML300 and ML400 front loading pan carriers. Stackable, lightweight, strong, and more ergonomic, they’ve been a huge success. This year, Metro is expanding the Mightylite line with top loading pan carriers for hot and cold food transport.


The ML180 and ML180XL (a.k.a. “BigBoy”) are made from durable and safe advanced polymer foam construction (EPP). Metro’s advanced manufacturing process packs 50% more material into their robust construction. They are designed to stack or carry atop each other and stack perfectly atop Metro’s front-loaders. They maintain safe serving temperatures for more than five hours and are hinge-less, latch-less and drain-less. That means no parts to replace. They are also very easy to clean and sanitize.

What is unique about these top-loaders is that they also function as coolers. Traditionally, pan holders are not designed to hold taller items like beverage bottles or milk cartons, and coolers are not designed to hold food pans. The ML180 and ML180XL BigBoy are designed to do either, depending on your needs. Further, the cover on the BigBoy can also be flipped over, filled with ice, and used to display and serve bottled and canned beverages. Top-loader, cooler, server, the versatility makes it a must for caterers and mobile food operators.


Metro put a lot of thought into the external and internal dimensions of their top-loaders. They can be stacked and moved using a dolly that is also conveniently designed to move double stacks of standard milk crates. As for their interior space, the ML180 can conveniently hold two 4” deep hotel pans. The BigBoy can hold three. Alternatively, they can hold either 8 or 14 two-liter beverage bottles, respectively, with room for ice. Double stacks of either 10.5” or 11” plates will conveniently stack in either (total plate count for each depends on the height of your plate covers). Thoughtful design even went into the planning of an external label holder. It perfectly fits a standard sheet of paper folded into quarters.


Mightylite top-loaders more than stack up to the competition. They feature a two-year full coverage warranty, and are much lighter than traditional top-loaders. They are more durable than coolers or food bags, and more robust than competing EPP food boxes. They are value priced while still matching or exceeding the temperature holding performance of more expensive units, and nothing matches their stackability and versatility.


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