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Maximizer Mop by Rubbermaid


By Carla Landi

Though the physical demands are high for keeping floors clean in a busy foodservice operation, it needs to get done. That is where the Maximizer Mop by Rubbermaid comes into play.

It’s a fact that traditional wet mopping remains the preferred solution for cleaning large, hard floor surfaces. It’s the most effective way to clean floors in a rubbermaidmaximizerfoodservice operation, but it comes with its share of challenges. This time-consuming chore is physically demanding and requires repetitive exertion with a heavy, wet mop. It can take a toll on the back, arms, and shoulders. The overexertion required for this job results in double the industry average in worker’s compensation claims.

The Maximizer delivers the maximum floor coverage at an optimal weight. When wrung out, the Maximizer mop weighs 25% less than the standard mop. The Maximizer Blend absorbs three times as much as cotton. It provides 30% more coverage, providing a much quicker and much less invasive cleaning process.

The unique Maximizer Blend delivers the highest absorbency ratio of any mop in its class. It can withstand up to 50 commercial laundering cycles. It’s also available in shrink-less, pre-laundered versions.

The Maximizer Microfiber Mop provides the best cost of ownership and the highest level of cleaning power.  It is a precise combination of monofilament, microfiber, and unique Maximizer blend, developed to withstand up to 100 commercial laundering cycles.

These mops have a universal headband for use with standard mop handles, and they are available in color-coded cleaning systems for use in different areas of the operation.

  • Blue – General Purpose Cleaning for Low Risk Areas
  • Green – General Food Processing, Serving and Bar Areas
  • Red – High Risk Restroom Areas
  • Yellow – Back of House Cleaning
  • Black – Front of House Cleaning
  • Gray – Front of House Cleaning

Rubbermaid is serious about its development of cleaning solutions for foodservice operations. Using a state-of-the-art spinning process, the Maximizer features yarn fibers of the highest quality and durability. From the raw materials to the finished mop, Rubbermaid Commercial Products monitors every step of the manufacturing process. Every product undergoes rigorous testing procedures and metrics to ensure consistency and performance.

Reduce the time spent cleaning large areas, decrease the strain put on cleaning professionals, and increase productivity. Rubbermaid’s Maximizer has you covered.

Check out this video on the Maximizer Mop by Rubbermaid.