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Master-Bilt’s MCRCD Saves – And Yes, There’s an App for That

By Lee Davis, CFSP


MCRCD stands for Master Controller Reverse Cycle Defrost. It is a system designed by Master-Bilt for their Bilt2Spec™ Custom Walk-Ins. Bob Gasbarro, Master-Bilt’s Western U.S. Regional Sales Manager, recently showed me how the system works. Its patented design saves up to 27% more energy than an all-mechanical system. It does this in two important ways…


First, MCRCD eliminates unnecessary defrost cycles. Traditional walk-ins defrost at regularly scheduled intervals. During periods when traffic is slow and ambient conditions are ideal, a traditional walk-in may not need to be defrosted, but the defrost cycle will run anyway, wasting energy dollars and subjecting food to more time at less than optimal temperatures. Master-Bilt’s MCRCD system responds to evaporator superheat and return air temperatures, and only runs the defrost cycle when necessary. That is more efficient, and saves energy dollars.


Second, MCRCD defrosts faster. Traditional defrost heaters take 20 to 30 minutes to complete a defrost cycle. With Master-Bilt’s MCRCD, when a defrost is necessary, high temperature refrigerant flow is reversed. Refrigerant from the hot side of the system flows back through the evaporator coils, heating them along the way and completely eliminating frost build-up. Defrost for freezers takes 3-5 minutes (1.5 to 2 minutes for coolers). Less energy dollars are spent running defrost heaters and optimal food storage temperatures are restored sooner.


If that’s not enough, “there’s an app for that.” Each MCRCD system is accessible through any web browser. There’s no need to call a tech and wait around while they monitor and adjust your refrigeration system. You can do that from a beach in Bali, using any device with a wireless internet connection. Web2Walk-In software is loaded on each controller so you can remotely monitor and program all data and setpoints. Constant access to data allows you to improve refrigeration system performance and avoid service issues. Visit Master-Bilt’s website for more information.