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Master-Bilt Glycol Parallel Rack System: A Greener Alternative

By Lee Davis, CFSP


In a previous Kitchen Biz post, we discussed Master-Bilt’s Rack Refrigeration Systems. Bob Gasbarro, Western Regional Manager, was on hand yesterday to tell us more about the latest addition to the Master-Bilt line-up: the GPS Series Glycol Parallel Rack System.


A Parallel Rack System, or distributed system, is a multiple compressor unit that only runs as many compressors as necessary. It will run one compressor until the system determines a second is needed, then and only then, will the second compressor kick in to carry the additional load. During off hours, a single compressor may be sufficient to maintain food safe temperatures in all of your refrigeration equipment. During peak hours, when walk-ins, reach-ins and merchandisers are being opened and closed frequently, and when ambient kitchen temperatures are rising, the additional compressors will automatically switch on for extra cooling capacity.


With a Glycol Parallel Rack System, ethylene glycol is circulated through a loop, typically copper or ABS piping, to cool refrigeration equipment. Return lines carry heated glycol from each piece of equipment back to the remotely mounted rack system for re-cooling. Along with energy savings, the biggest benefit of the glycol system, is a reduced refrigerant charge which is completely contained within the wall of the parallel rack system. Only the chilled glycol is distributed to the kitchen. Less refrigerant and piping mean less chance of refrigerant leaks. Further, ethylene glycol is nontoxic and deemed a “greener” more environmentally friendly solution.


The most unique feature of the Master-Bilt Glycol System is its floating heat pressure technology that lowers the energy consumption of the refrigeration system by as much as 25%. The system also uses full digital controls vs. mechanical controls in competitive equipment. These state-of-the-art digital controls provide greater precision, diagnostics, data logging and monitoring capability.


Learn more about Master-Bilt’s complete line of Rack Refrigeration systems by visiting their website.